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Heh, heh, heh...

I just had to show off this icon my friend made for me. *gloats*

I am still in Ootp!Denial mode, and thusly have been writing Sirius/Remus slashfic. Go me.

Just one question (something to poke everyone's brains), and I appologize if I get this wrong a bit, since my copy of OotP is with my friend right now:

When Molly(?) says something to Sirius about Harry not being James, it got me thinking: Is that what Snape sees when he looks at Harry? With the view of James we now have after the Pensive incident, can we really say Harry is just like his father, or are there strong differences to make Harry seem better or worse?

I don't think that made nearly as much sense in writing as it did in my head. Oh well. Discuss?
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