Sheldon C. Smith (rebakiva) wrote in ootp_spoilers,
Sheldon C. Smith

Mr. Malfoy in Askaban?

Ok, now that we know that Ms. Umbridge sent the dementors after Harry, does that mean that the dementors are still taking orders from the Ministry?

Was Mr. Malfoy sent to Askaban? I do know that several of the dark lords servants were captured and sent to Askaban, BUT I only made a quick read of the book the first time through and another family member has the book now so I cannot look up who got caught and sent to "prision".

Who will Draco turn to for guidence over the summer?????? There cannot be anyone more cruel then his father, except v.v..Valdemort.
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As to the dementors, we can assume that they were at least partially under Ministry control early on in the book. At the end, however, I believe it was established that they were firmly allied with Voldie and co...

As for Lucius, yep. Dear old Luc is currently in Azkaban, though without the dementors, he and the rest of the DE's are expected to break out. At least, that's what Draco said. Harry agreed, so we can assume it's probably true.