E (starbrow) wrote in ootp_spoilers,

Updates to the community and userinfo

Due to the forthcoming release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I have changed the userinfo in this community to state that HBP spoiler discussion is quite welcome here, as is continuing discussion of the finer points of Order of the Phoenix. I may or may not change the community's username before the book is released.

I do ask, due to the fact that some people who may not wish to find spoilers read friendsfriends, to please lj-cut any spoiler discussion of HBP until the book's release. After that date, if anyone runs across spoilers while reading friendsfriends, on their own head be it. (Why, yes, I did get some complaints about this last time, and I think this compromise is fair for this go-round.)

So, please, do continue posting away. And feel free to pimp this community out, if anyone is looking for a safe place on LJ to discuss Harry Potter spoilers.
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